Lesson 6: Gathering Feedback Copy

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Obtaining feedback from the clients who engage with our services is essential to IAG. It also helps us as practitioners in progressing and developing our own practice. Gathering feedback both formally and informally can contribute to the evaluation process and helps us improve the services we provide.

There are a number of ways to gather feedback regarding the quality of service provided and the appropriateness of the referral or signposting.

This includes questionnaires, these can be on paper or digitally via survey monkey or similar.

You can facilitate a discussion and ask the client face to face, or plan a follow up phone call.

You can engage client’s by setting up a service user group which will review, evaluate and share their experiences.

You can also use digital ways, such as using a comment box, live chat or ask for reviews online.


Can you think of any other creative ways to gather feedback from clients? Add your suggestion to the comment box.