Lesson 2 : My role within IAG Copy

Listen, Watch and Read 

Learn more about how these people working in different organisations, settings, and industries provide information, advice or guidance as part of their role.  

Emma Cayton is a learning engagement officer at the Training Brokers.

As part of her role, she works with learners (clients) providing information, advice, and guidance.

Read what Emma has to say about her role in IAG.

“It is crucial to my role that I stay up to date with regards to the courses and services and be clear about what we can offer our learners. I also need to stay up to date and have knowledge of other agencies that can help and support our clients where we can’t. For example if a learner needs their functional skills qualification to support their career goals, and I know that this is a course we don’t offer. I would need to know where I can refer the learner to. At The Training Brokers we aim to give all clients access to up-to-date, comprehensive and impartial information, advice and guidance.

“When delivering IAG, I have to ensure it is personalised to each individual that I am working with. I do this by completing an initial assessment where I discuss their present and future plans and identify any barriers they may face. I use a variety of questioning techniques and my effective communication skills. I ask open questions, sometimes I may use images or provide information in alternative formats.

My role involves me being extremely organised. I ensure I am prepared, with information leaflets to hand and all the tools I need for my job. I continue to learn and develop my skills, attending training sessions so that my knowledge is up to date.

Think about your own role and experience, what are the key features required for you to be able to meet the information, advice, and guidance needs of the people who use the services?

How do you gather information to understand and establish the information, advice or guidance needs of clients?