Lesson 1: What is Information, Advice or Guidance Copy

What is Information, Advice and Guidance?

Information is considered to be any fact, set of facts or knowledge.

Information is factual and not based on opinions or peoples points of view.


Where can you get information from?


Advice is a recommendation and not always based on fact.

Advice is a form of relating personal or institutional opinions, belief systems, values, recommendations or guidance about certain situations.


Who do you go to for advice?


Guidance is known as the act of guiding, leading or providing direction.

Guidance is normally given over a period of time and is often carried out by an appropriately qualified person.


Where can we go for Information, advice or guidance?

  1. To find out the best place to eat with children

  2. How to buy a house

  3. Which is the best doctor’s surgery to use locally

  4. How to get to Manchester from where you live


Look at the list to the right and give examples of what they do and how they support people.


Council Offices

Careers Advisor

Post Office

Food Bank

Training Provider

For example; a Doctor may give information about a health issue. 

They also provide advice on where to go to for help to quit smoking.

They will use their specialist skills to provide guidance about managing any symptoms.

And give leaflets or website links about other support networks.