Lesson 1: Ways in which IAG is given Copy

Information can be given verbally by an IAG advisor or by printed material and the internet.

Advice requires a more in-depth interaction with a person. It includes an explanation of information and how to access and use the information.

Guidance involves a more plan, a session or series of sessions between the person and the IAG advisor, in which the advisor supports the person through the process of making decisions about their situation and or goal.

Referrals are made when an advisor recognises that the services of another organisation or agency would more effectively meet the needs of the person they are supporting. 

A referral can be made either internally within the organisation or externally to outside organisations.  Any referrals made should be carried out in line with your organisation’s Data Protection and any other relevant policies.

Take a look at these examples showing different ways information advice or guidance can be given.

Here is a guidance video made by Yorkshire Bank. The video provides clients with a step-by-step guide of how to set up mobile banking on their smart phone.

Below is a sample of social media assets provided by the NHS during to pandemic, to share information with the public.

Award-winning personal finance expert Andy Webb from BeCleverWithYourCash.com shares his advice with his listeners via a podcast.

Identify ways in which information, advice, or guidance is given in the context of your own organisation.

  • Via the website
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Sign boards 
  • Face to face consultation