Know the importance of working around plant and equipment safely

Please complete the following questions and submit them to your assessor for feedback and marking.

5.1 List ways that moving plant, machinery, or equipment can cause injuries.

5.2 List 5 hazards and 5 risks relating to the use of plant and equipment

5.3 Why is it important to have safeguards located near to where plant, machinery, and equipment are being used?

5.4 Why is it important to keep a safe distance away from the plant, machinery, and equipment until clear contact is made with the operator?

5.5 How can a method statement help you to ensure that workers are safe where moving plant, machinery, or equipment is in use?

5.6 State ways to eliminate or control risks relating to working around plant, machinery or equipment

5.7 What are the meanings of each hazard warning sign and symbols given below: