RSE Policy

All schools must have in place a written policy for Relationships Education and RSE. Schools must consult parents in developing and reviewing their policies. Schools should ensure that the policy meets the needs of pupils and parents and reflects the community they serve.

How can we involve parents in RSE programme planning?

Schools should always work in partnership with parents, consulting them regularly on the content of sex and relationship education programmes. There are a number of ways in which schools can do this. I have recommended some activities below which I have used and which have been successful at bringing together parents and schools to plan and develop programmes and policies for RSE.

  • RSE Open Evening
  • Parent Survey
  • Parent/Community Focus Group

Your Task

Carrying out a quick survey with parents can help introduce further discussions about RSE. Surveys can be carried out using paper-based questionnaires, online surveys or school text message services.

Using survey monkey or similar; design a parent survey for RSE.

Think of six questions or more which you could ask.

Once you have created the questionnaire submit the survey link to the tutor.

Further Reading: Have a look at these sample policies for primary and secondary education.