Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Guidance

This course will help you to prepare to deliver effective RSE and health education for children and young people.

Welcome to the first unit. In this section, we’ll begin our journey together learning and developing our understanding of the Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Guidance.

To set the scene, we will look back on some of the key changes in sex education, safeguarding, and society that impact our work.

The aims of this unit are:

  1. Explain what RSE and health education is and understand the requirements of schools to deliver this.

Your task

Watch the Tutor welcome video and read the information provided to find out what we’ll cover in this course.

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I am a sex and relationships educator and a Director at Tough Cookies Education.

I have been involved with delivering RSE to children and young people through my work as a youth worker and through my teaching and training for over 25 years; I really enjoy working with this age group and around this topic.

I am involved with a number of organisations that are dedicated to educating and training and promoting positive outcomes for children and young people by providing professional development for teachers and educating teachers, parents and community members.

Using the RSE Knowledge Scale, which you will find in Unit 1, I would rate my current level of understanding of Relationships and Sex Education as five. Although I have been working and researching in this field for over 25 years, I am always learning so it can always improve. I strongly believe in the concept of lifelong learning and continuously work to develop and update my skills and knowledge.

Creating a Community

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In each section, you’ll find a Your task section, where you’re encouraged to build on what you’ve learned – to respond to a question, take some action or share your experiences.

Sometimes I will introduce a more structured discussion – a chance to reflect and connect with others. The more you interact with the course and your fellow learners, the more you’ll get out of it.


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