There are lots of free resources available for educators to use to deliver and enhance RSE lessons. You should check each of these carefully before use to ensure they are appropriate for the age and maturity of pupils and sensitive to community needs. You must ensure the resources chosen are up to date and medically accurate.

The list below shares some examples of the free resources which are available.

A – Z of Relationships, Sex and Health Education: Tough Cookies Education.

Abuse in relationships: Disrespect NoBody (Home Office and Government Equalities Office) 

Consent: PSHE Association lesson plans

Education for a Connected World: UKCCIS framework of digital knowledge and skills for different ages and stages

LGBT inclusivity: Stonewall lesson plans and materials for primary and secondary

MindEd educational resources on children and young people’s mental health


Public Health England website – resources covering relationships and bullying, alcohol, smoking, stress, body image, with videos made by young people and resources tested with teachers

Sexting: UKCCIS advice for schools on preventative education and managing reports of sexting

Thinkuknow – the education programme from National Crime Agency (NCA)-Child Exploitation Online Programme (CEOP), which protects children both online and offline. The site offers materials for parents, teachers and pupils on a wide range of online safety issues and facts about areas such as digital footprints, recognising fake websites and checking URLs. – a website which provides a reliable source of information for children and young people aged 8 – 12 years that is factually correct, age-appropriate, with relevant, up to date and safe content. Its main objective is to support pre-teens to live happy and healthy lives.

Resources which are available to buy:

4Boys/4Girls snapper leaflet

These pocket-sized, folding paper snapper games are effective ways to reinforce learning from the 4Boys and 4Girls booklet.

Breast Self-Examination (BSE) and Testicular Self Examination (TSE)  Model

The resource contains a teen BSE and TSE model to teach young people the importance of the early detection of cancer.

Available from:

Contraceptive Display Kit

The Contraceptive Display Kit is an ideal resource to facilitate thinking and talking about different methods of contraception.


Period Game

The Period Game is a board game designed to teach menstruation in a fun, engaging way.


Tough Cookies Toolkit for Sex Ed

The Tough Cookies Toolkit for Sex Ed provides a reliable source of information for teachers, teaching assistants and youth workers that is factually correct, age-appropriate, with relevant, up to date and inclusive content.