Developing and planning age-appropriate programme and activities for RSE and Health Education

In this third and final unit, we will work to develop the key skills and knowledge required to develop fun, relevant, factually correct, and age-appropriate RSE and health education activities. You will explore how and why it is important to create a safe learning environment. As well as look at up-to-date resources which you could use with children and young people. You will think about where young people learn about relationships, sex, and health education topics and consider when these topics need to be explored in education.

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On completion of the course, you will also be invited to attend The Training Brokers – Next Steps – Online Event. Which focuses on building a personal brand on social media. How people conduct themselves online can now be equally as important as how people behave offline.

Sharing online allows you to build an online presence that reflects your personal values and professional skills. Building a personal brand on social media can be a great way to foster valuable connections and help land that next job opportunity. 

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