Baseline Questionnaire

Using the traffic light: red, amber, green ‘RAG’ rating system quickly identify your areas of weakness and strengths in relation to providing RSE and health education.

Strengths are the skills and abilities that are easy for you. So when you are carrying out a task involving those skills and abilities you will do this quite well and feel confident in your role. Being aware of your strengths means you will understand which activities will allow you to shine

Weaknesses are the skills and abilities that may not come as easy to you. When you are delivering work in these areas those skills, you may lack confidence which can impact the quality of the work you deliver. Understanding what your weaknesses are, will help you to be able to work to develop and improve them.

Strengths and weaknesses are part of being self-aware. When you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can create a personal or professional action plan that focuses on your specific development needs.

Rating a statement RED – indicates that you feel you lack expertise and knowledge in this area.

Rating a statement AMBER – indicates that you feel you have some knowledge and confidence in this area.

Rating a statement GREEN – indicates that you feel knowledgeable and confident in this area.


Explaining to others such as parents what RSE and health education is and why it is delivered. R A G

Teaching children about puberty and the physical and emotional changes which happen to the body during adolescence. R A G

Talking to primary-aged pupils about the menstrual cycle and period management. R A G

Talking to secondary-aged pupils about fertility, reproductive health including menopause. R A G

Explaining contraceptive choices available, safe sex, and sexual health. R A G

Addressing questions children and young people have about healthy and unhealthy relationships, boundaries, and consent. R A G

Planning, creating, and evaluating age-appropriate activities and lessons for children and young people. R A G

Personal Development Plan

Creating your own Personal Development Plan not only helps you effectively plan for the future and manage your own learning and development, but it can also help give you some direction and move forward in your work as an RSE Educator.

To help you plan in the right way, we’ve put together this Personal Development Quiz to get you started.