Challenges and barriers to delivering effective RSE with children and young people

In a recent study Relationships and sex education: Views from teachers, parents and governors’ – 4 in 5 teachers said they didn’t feel sufficiently trained in RSE.

Welcome to the second unit of this course. In this unit, we will look at some of the barriers which prevent the delivery of effective RSE and explore strategies that can help educators overcome these challenges.

In this section, you will participate in self–reflection activities which will allow you to look at your own knowledge, skills, and confidence in relation to RSE.

Aims of this unit

  • Reflect upon and develop your skills to confidently deliver effective RSE

Don’t forget to join in with the discussions around this unit. At The Training Brokers, we encourage you to learn through discussions by reading others’ comments and responding with your own thoughts.

As before, in each section of this unit, you’ll find a Your task section, where you’re encouraged to build on what you’ve learned – to respond to a question, take some action or share your experiences.

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